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  • Update often! Whether it's making new posts, refreshing the site's design, or tweaking some functionality, do your absolute best to keep the site current in every way. If it gets stale, you lose points not only with search engines, but with your readers as well, because they know outdated information is less likely to be useful or accurate.
  • Don't be afraid to show the timestamp on your posts. For the reason I mentioned above, if you omit timestamps, you lose trust points with your readers. Still not clear on why this is a good thing? Just go ask HubSpot.
  • Use a “featured image”, at the very least, on each post. I know it's a hassle, but making your posts more visually meaningful and inviting does increase engagement. And if you're really trying to make money off of your blog, don't be afraid to pay a little for good images. (I know I'm guilty of skipping images thus far – I'm just too lazy for my own good sometimes.)
  • Make sure each post has some sort of obvious structure to it. If I look at one of your posts and I see several paragraphs of boring text, I just might not be interested enough to see what they actually have to say. I want to know, at a glance, the point of your post, the essential information grouped into sections, and some sort of takeaway – basically, an intro, body points, and a conclusion, just like they teach you to do in English class.
  • You need some sort of call to action on each page or post as well as the home page. This doesn't mean they need to buy something from you – it could be as simple as asking them to share your post on social media.
  • Feature original information, or at least say something in an original way.
  • Don't be boring. This means: choose topics of reasonably broad significance, write like a real human individual person, keep paragraphs short enough, and make your point.
  • Use a “responsive” design and make sure it works well. In this day and age, if you're not doing responsive, you'll be left in the dust by those who are, plain and simple. Yes, it's a good bit of extra effort, but consider it as just part of the process now. Designing your website to look good on any and all of the many now-common screen sizes is essential for good engagement. People have the [reasonable] expectation now that your website will look ok and be fully usable whether they access it on their home computer, laptop, tablet, phone, or even game console.
  • And lastly, do as I say, not as I do! These are tips for someone wanting to go big with their blog. I am currently not trying very hard at that, as you can tell.
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