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website_development_process [GarrettW.wiki]


My personal knowledge base

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Site Tools


1. Client Acquisition / Marketing

2. Preliminary Consultation / Analysis of Business Goals

3. Confirmation of Details / Contract Signing / Receipt of Client Materials

4. Discovery / Completion of Draft/Alpha Version / Client Feedback

  • Set up project in source control
  • Set up test site w/ email
  • Get info from customer re: look and feel, likes/dislikes)
  • Install shared tools/scripts according to procedure
  • Implement static content
  • Write up detailed design of the software, include coding standards where possible
  • Coding

Logo Design

5. Completion of 2nd Draft/Beta Version / Client Feedback



6. Consultation on Publishing/PR/Launch Strategy

  • Determine Metrics for Success

7. Site Launch

  • Move to production
  • Train customer
  • Search engine submission and keywords
  • email support
  • troubleshooting

8. Hosting/Maintenance

9. Growth!

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